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Mother's Day



Hey kids!  Did you know that the second Sunday in May is Mother's Day?
It's a fun day and a fun way to say thanks to your mom, or any other lady who helps you out in life!  

Turn the page to see how it came to be...


A long, long time ago, in the year 1905, a woman named Anna Jarvis was thinking of a way to create an event in memory of
her mother.

It started because Anna remembered something that her mother had once taught in a Sunday school class. Then Anna got an idea: Mothers all over the world should have a special day, just for them!



First, Anna had to convince a lot of people that mothers were very important, and needed a special day just for them.

After her mother died Anna wrote a letter asking that there be a Mother's Day memorial at Andrews Church in Grafton.
On May 12th, 1907 exactly two years after the death of Anna's mom, Andrew's Church had a Mother's Day memorial.




The next year on May 10th,1908 the first official Mother's Day in America was celebrated, in the two States of West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Anna was at the service in West Virginia.  
She distributed her mother's favorite flower, pretty white carnations, to all the mothers who attended church that morning.


Years later, sons and daughters who loved their moms very much wore white carnations on the second Sunday in May for Mother's Day.

When moms saw the flowers they knew that they were special to someone who loved them very much!


Mother's Day became an official American holiday in 1914. President Woodrow Wilson announced: In the United States of America the second Sunday in May is to be used to show our love towards our mothers!  

This made mothers all over the United States, feel like they were loved very much by their families. To celebrate Mother's Day, families attended church, wrote letters, sent cards, and gave their mothers presents and flowers.


As Mother's Day became more and more popular, stores began selling lots of
Mother's Day cards and gifts.

Anna felt that people were beginning to think that the only thing that mattered on Mother's Day were buying gifts.
She felt that you should always make the effort to make your gift or card yourself.


Anna passed away on November 24th,1948 when she was 84 years old. On the day of her burial to remember what she had done for mothers all over the world the bells at
Andrews Church were rung eighty-four times
in her memory.

Andrews Methodist Church in Grafton is now a national historic landmark, and is known as The International Mother's Day Shrine.

Mother's Day is not only for moms. Mother's Day is a great day for your grandmother, your aunt, your teacher, or any other motherly figure in your life. Tell her that you are happy that she has been there for you and that you love her very, very much!

To celebrate Mother's Day now, little boys and girls give their moms a card, a craft, or spring flowers. Mothers also feel loved when their kids do a special activity with them.



The most important way to show your mom that you care is to always shout in your happiest of voices: "Happy Mother's Day and I love you!"

Send a card, or make a craft to make that someone feel like she is the most special woman in the world on Mother's Day!





Happy Mother's Day!


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